Monday, March 3, 2008

Sindhi Comfort Food

* Tuesday Night at the Melwani Residence
* Rain gently coming down
* A tasty Sindhi Besan Curry from Camellia Panjabi’s “50 Great Curries of India” will hit the spot.

*Veggie delight

* Sour, fragrant, and sweet with a slight spicy-hot bite
* The rich and full flavor of gram flour marinated with the fragrant earthy kick of fresh curry leaves really makes this dish
* Thin consistency, like dal or soup, just add a little bit of basmati rice and yum...

* My husband is Sindhi and has fond memories of eating this comfort home-cooked dish for Sunday brunch with his family. When it comes to Indian food, he is ALL Indian (but that is just about the only time... =)

* After our feast, we cuddle up together on the couch with a healthy portion of Mithai (Indian sweets)...along with our newly discovered interest - the Travel Channel.


priya said...

hi shireena,
camellia punjabi's 50 Great Curries is my oracle for cooking, especially when i have guests. every curry is an event for my tastebuds.
looking forward to more posts from you...

Shireena said...

Thank you, Priya. Yes - it is a great book! Have you tried the Rogan Josh yet? I haven't had any luck with that one. We always end up ordering pizza on the nights I attempt it. Any secrets?

priya said...

no, i haven't tried rogan josh yet. but i will let you know when i do.
we get ready made idli batter here. do you also?

Arch at Rang said...

Oh! The colours and textures are awesome and they tease my senses:-))

Wow, I shd try the cookbook out!!

Thanks for sharing!