Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yoga & Candy Corn

The past several months of getting ready for an "extended holiday" to explore various parts of Asia have been more than intense. Deciding on a shipping company, negotiating, packing, storing, planning, giving, selling, craigslisting, tossing, goodbyeing, address changing, organizing...it's madness! When will it end??

"It has actually been quite a liberating experience as we're getting organized by getting rid of things we really don't need and learning the value of detachment and the powerful lesson that minimalism is the ideal way to live", says my optimistic self who is always trying to chime in at any chance she gets. However, organizing every.....single.....item we own in my Virgo-husband's numerous highly methodical categories and meticulous flowcharts is "annoying!", complains my not so optimistic self also fighting to get a word in.

Two lifesavers that have kept me sane these last couple months: Yoga & Candy Corn.

Yoga to stay grounded as I un-ground and contort my body to maintain a fresh and clear perspective on life, and Candy Corn for mental stability when I'm not practicing yoga. I can't hold my downward facing dog all day, right? True, chowing down on sweets is probably not the best coping mechanism, but for now it works wonders.

One of the things I've always loved about New York City is that you can find anything, and I mean anything, here at anytime of the day or night. Anything that is, except fresh Candy Corns. During the month of October (and part of November if you're lucky), candy stores across this nation are graced with this scrumptious little triangular-shaped tricolored treat. You can probably find the wanna-be's year round, but those are old and hard and not worth the trouble. Trust me, they are freshest during this time of the year.

Candy Corns are simply one of the most fabulous candies ever invented. Born in 1880, these remarkable little creations have been blessing American lives ever since. They're cheap and far from nutritious being choc full of corn syrup and artificial coloring. "But they are sweetened with real honey!" I plead in their defense. Ahhh, who am I kidding. Sugar is sugar. I can't help but love them.


Just a little tidbit: According to Brach's Confections, Inc., the top branded maker of candy corn, each year Americans eat enough Brach's candy corn that if the kernels were laid end to end, they would circle the Earth 4.25 times. Yikes! And what's more Yikes is that I am to blame for at least once around the globe.

These trinkets of honey sweet yummyness have an amazing texture that makes you want to keep on popping these delightful precious pieces, allowing you to regress to childhood where worries and work were less and play was more. Something happens along the way to adulthood that throws off this ideal balance. Eating candy corns is one of the ways I am trying to regain that balance. Yea, I know I'm really reaching. :)

I just bought our local candy store's (who know me by first name at this point) last supply of these sweet little addictive bites. They only had the brown ones which are not as good as the yellow ones, but I'll take anything at this point. I couldn't unwrap the "plastic seal to preserve freshness" fast enough. Ironically, my beloved candies were far from fresh which their seal had promised, and nearly cracked my teeth! "Uh oh, too old, take 'em back!" Alas, these rare last bites are too far gone to be enjoyed. I grudgingly part with them, leaving empty-handed and head hanging low. And of course they candy chef gods only make these wondrous treats only during these two short months because that is when they're freshest. If I'm mistaken on this, please correct me! I guess I'll just have to wait until next October for savor my favorite candy. Oooh ;(

Must...find...another...candy to replace my addiction and satisfy my sweet tooth in the meantime. Any suggestions?? It's for my mental stability after all.

At least yoga doesn't have an expiration date. My daily meditation and asana practice fulfills me and recharges my patience while I wait for next October.


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