Friday, June 25, 2010


I've been meaning to post some photos during my espionage days (aka: lounging on the balcony at the ayurveda hospital we stayed at earlier this year in southern India with nothing better to do than take photos of people).

The hospital houses a lovely temple consecrated to Lord Dhanwanthari (the god of medicine) which I've talked about in previous posts. It's presence definitely made a mark on my stay there. From dawn to dusk it bustled with energy...always something going on inside. Each day many interesting people from the village walk through the hospital grounds to attend the temple rituals. I enjoyed capturing moments from some of these devotees. Like this one...

"Son, just look over here into my fancy shmansy phone."
"Hmm, I wonder if those pink chappals at Lakshmi Design's are still on sale?"

                              "Goodness, we're quite late. I hope they still have some floor cushions left."

"Honey, did you get a chance to call that super fab tailor that the Patel's use?" 

"Yes, yes I'll do it...don't worry, yar. You've asked me 3 times today."
"I know, but I just want to make sure we get our outfits ready for the 
Singh wedding."

"We must look absolutely fantastic!"

"I do hear that Raj is the best in the business."
                  "Yes, now dearest, please don't forget to tell him to do the embroidery up to here."