Thursday, November 6, 2008

America Just Rebooted!!

Never before has a smile crossed my face so many times after having been woken up by New York City street noise than last night. The energy here is joyous and uplifting and that was clearly evident all night long. Just when you thought the last group of jubilant New Yorkers passed by on the street below loudly expressing their glee, another group of eager nightowls came charging through with just as much momentum as if they were students returning from the pub after having just finished their finals x100.

After many years of negativity, divisiveness, cynicism and intolerance which seems to have clouded this country's greatness, I literally feel a tremendous weight lifted with this awesome change. In one day, our country has completely rebooted and there is a new focus and the world can look at us in a different light.

Obama has a hell of a job ahead of him with all the many issues that confront us. However, I have never felt so safe, so secure and so confident that he'll take good care of us and the world for that matter, for he is realistic, grounded, even-tempered, positive, and refreshingly wise as he inspires and attempts to unite this divided country.

I could go could my Indian husband who wished he could have voted as he is very passionate and knowledgeable about politics, but I think you get the message.

I'm so inspired, overjoyed and proud! It's been a long time since I've felt this way.
Yes We Can!


Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Wish I'd been there..!
The atmosphere here was electric - tears of joy and champagne flowed in almost equal proportions..!
So good to say "good riddance" to Bush and his cronies too..:)

Mango Power Girl said...

Yes, WE DID...reboot to the face. I really want to be in NYC right now!

Braja said...

What a rich and gorgeous blog...i'm living in India and love that it's so different from each person's view. I love yours; it's the magical, historical, beautiful ancientness of India that appeals to my romantic side, a time of queens and kings and warriors and palaces....ahhh, you look like you'd fit right in :)))
I'll be repeating this visit...

Anil P said...

Hope is such a powerful sentiment in making things happen. A saying in Hindi goes 'Umeed pe duniya kayam hai' (The world rests on hope).