Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wild Wild West

We recently visited Utah for my brother's wedding and basked in the crisp mountain air.
We rented a car and thoroughly enjoyed our freedom in the wide open spaces with grand vistas of the desert and snowcapped mountains.

It was kind of a treat having a car instead of relying on public transportation like we do in Manhattan. Mahesh got a kick out of the convenience of drive-through dining. It was also nice not having to get so bundled up whenever we went out as we parked close to our destination. Though it is also quite liberating not having a car with all the hassels of parking, maintenence, etc. I'm not sure which would be better.

Several years ago, I climbed the grand Mt. Timpanogas which peaks at 11,749 feet (3,582 m) above sea level. You really start to feel it at around 10,000 feet, and my lungs were struggling. Finally, after taking in the view from the top, we slid down a steep glacier, which was kind of scary but fun.

Of course we cannot leave Utah without visiting the architecturally stunning and historically famous Temple Square of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The Salt Lake City Temple (one of 125 operating LDS temples across the globe), completed in April 1893, took 40 years to build. The dedication of the church members who built this masterpiece is evident in many ways. One interesting fact: each granite-like brick was brought individually by horse-drawn carriage from a canyon about 20 miles away until the train was built.

Bridal Veil Falls

On the winding way to Sundance, snow began to fall gently. I love the hush and stillness of falling snow flakes and I find the mood very relaxing.

We enjoyed lunch in this charming little log cabin that carried the clean aroma of cedar. We cuddled up on the cozy couch next to the crackling fireplace and daydreamed as we gazed out the window at the falling snow.


shelley said...

The log cabin looks so romantic. I've only experienced snow 3 times in my life in Johannesburg. Thank you for sharing!

Shireena said...

Hi Shelley, 3 times! WOW!

Don't think I've forgotten to email you the chai recipe. I've been very delayed, I'm sorry. In fact, thanks to your inquiry and others, I am working on a new post now that includes the recipe that I've created after much much trial and error. Check back within the next several days for it. Thanks for your patience!

And may the crazy global warming weird weather of these days bring you more snow if you want it. :)


mimi said...

oh how i love your blog! the right-hand column is driving me wild with joy! beautiful utah pics, especially bridal veil falls! somehow in 7 yrs of living there, i never saw it that close : )

India J said...

Wow, these are stunning photos! they look so familiar - the funny thing is, I have scenery like this just up the road (and I'm on the other side of the globe :)

Shireena said...

Hi Mimi - thanks so much for your comments! I miss you - it was nice running into you on Sunday. You have such beautiful energy.

Hi India J,
Thanks for visiting and for your comments! That is funny how similar such different parts of this lovely world are. Where abouts do you live? I'm heading over to your blog now...

Take care,