Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dance Parade

Distant drum sounds that gradually became louder filled my neighborhood a couple weeks ago. I looked out the bedroom window and here's what I saw.

Dancing on the streets of Manhattan!

It was the New York Annual Dance Parade. We saw many different forms of dance performed down on University Place. Albanian, Belly Dance, Street Dance, Modern, Flamenco, Hip-Hop, Rumba, Swing, Salsa, Tribal, Tango, Korean and YES, of course Bhangra, and many more.

New York has a silly law that you are not allowed to dance at bars or restaurants if the place doesn't have a "dance license". Crazy, I know. Can you imagine if they did that in Europe? A revolution waiting to happen.

I enjoyed seeing so many different forms of dance all coming together on this day in the celebration of dance. Inspiring!


Chandan said...

lovely pictures... colourful and action packed!

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Wow how lovely - I totally agree with the following :
"We should consider every day lost
on which we have not danced at least once"
Friedrich Nietzsche
Thanks for sharing :)

Shireena said...

Thanks! Never a dull moment in NYC, that's for sure.

Here, there, Elsewhere,
I love that quote - thank you so much.

Take care,

sandikw said...

I just wanted you to know that mu blog is back!

Madhumita Gopalan said...

oooh...that looks like so much fun! just looking at those pictures makes me wanna dance :) i wish i could, terribly clumsy :D

shuma.rani said...

Wow, great collection photos. Looks like you had an amazing time taking the photos.

Take care,

shuma.rani :))

Shireena said...

MG, thanks! Dancing is so contagious, right? Regardless of our own clumsy-factor, it's so important to just have fun with it. I feel when it (or anything for that matter) becomes too rigid, then I need to back off it.

SR, thanks for visiting!

paris parfait said...

Oh thank you for posting these fabulous photos - such joy in these dancers! Another reason I miss New York.

ani_aset said...

really lovely post..i love dancing and i can see so many dance forms here..too good :)