Monday, April 7, 2008


Roasted Halibut
Over a bed of herb potatoes topped with a sweet and sour tomato sauce and blanched almonds
Okay, okay, so I know this isn't Indian, but I wanted to post about it anyway because I love to cook and enjoy trying out different recipes and then taking photos of my creations. And hey, isn't Pondicherry a French influenced seaside town in India that serves up quality bistro fare like this?

Last year, we recieved the famous Balthazar Cookbook for a wedding gift. As part of our secret wedding/elopement, we had a small dinner at Balthazar, here in New York City. The maitre'di surprised us with a copy of the book and a personal note from the authors. It was so wonderful and the recipes are truly divine and transport us back to that lovely and memorably day of ours.

This reminds me: after our wedding dinner, we decided to walk part of the way home as we were in a festive mood and it was a lovely and slightly cool evening in September. I was in my wedding dress and Mahesh was in his tux. It was fun to see how complete strangers passing by or rolling down taxi's windows reacted so positively and warmly to our dress and its significance.


Chandan said...

That is just so cute, I mean both the cookbook present and the walk in wedding finery..! where did you guys tie the knot?

shelley said...

A lovely story of your wedding day - and I love the pictures of the parcel you received from India!

Shireena said...

Hi Chandan, We got married on the roof of our apartment building in New York City. A very simple affair with just a few close friends. It was so lovely and romantic - just exactly what we wanted. :)

Hi Shelley, thanks for your comments!

Madhumita Gopalan said...

Hi shireena! thank you for visiting my blog! You have a really cool blog here...and this is a very sweet story:) its fun to read about how you're getting used to all things indian :)

mimi said...

DREAMY! and thinking of you in your wedding dress almost makes me weep for joy! you are so beautiful in it!!!