Thursday, December 31, 2009


The Balinese people are deeply spiritual and devoted to their Hindu faith.

We spent nearly a month with them this year and we found that they truly "live" their religion. Getting into the rhythm of local life, we enjoyed watching the villagers prepare for and walk to the frequent temple ceremonies.

We took in the rice fields in Ceking. You just want to spread your wings and fly over them and then gentle melt and merge with these paddies becoming one with their lush smoothness (nevermind getting muddy and attacked by mosquitos)

Our peaceful little bungalow in Ubud was a sanctuary. The Balinese value their gardens as much if not more than their homes. 

Mountain biking through volcanos and local villages in northern part of the island offers much peace and perspective.

Oh growing mountain village Ubud...

.....where tourism has unfortunately overdominated this once quiet village (though the villagers who depend on tourism don't mind of course). Gratefully, you can still find a few old rustic roads and paths where the likes of Dolce and Gabana don't own real estate.

.....where single western women in their 30's flock by the thousands in the quest for love (after they've eaten and prayed) in this almost fairytale isle. 'Tis easy to find magic anywhere on this earth, I've learned, if your heart is open and your ears perked for those faint but clear whispers we often ignore because of fear.

.....where nature's grand symphony is reborn come evening, especially during full moon. When the monkeys calm down and settled into their trees for the night, a whole new world and dimension awakes and takes over this mountain village. And they say that Ubud doesn't have great nightlife...fiddlesticks! The distant chants from a full-moon temple ceremony in harmony with the chatty geckos, singing crickets, syncronozing bass-noted frogs, and very active swooshing bats and who knows what else out there lurking about. (I'm nearly positive snakes are around somewhere, but let's not think about them.) After closing the day by relaxing on the veranda, we lay on our bamboo bed safely tucked in under the mosquito net (oh blessed invention) and savor each chirp and croak.

If you ever doubted the earth has a vibrating living and breathing soul or need reminding, you'll find it Bali.


Manasa said...

Rice fields look great.. Had seen them in text books during schooling.

shuma.rani said...

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

Mumbai Paused said...

I love the smell of rice fields! And I can almost smell it here

birdy said...

Great images representing Bali. The rice fields are just fantastic.