Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Globe

I stepped into a beautiful snow globe this past Christmas.

Being in Vermont with my family was...oh what's the word?...well...perfect!
The cold brisk mountain air was a welcomed relief from spending the past year in the never-ending heat of South East Asia. Besides, Christmas just isn't the same without a real winter. And sledding!!

Amongst many things, the "green mountain state" is special for...

...covered bridges,

...maple syrup,

....and my sister Gina, her husband and their 3 adorable children.

My sister and her family live in a cute gingerbread house with a wood stove.

And for the holidays, amongst other traditional family baking projects, we made gingerbread sleighs and people with the children. And of course, someone couldn't stop eating all the frosting. Ahem, Luke!

And Lana "serenaded" us all with holiday songs.

Vermont's rural countrysides ensure no shortage of wildlife. The day before Christmas, a family of wild turkeys strolled by with their chins held high, feeling proud that they made it through Thanksgiving.

And just one day prior to that, a gorgeous owl spent about half an hour on a tree in the yard. Apparently he wanted to sip some hot cocoa with us after our daily sledding adventures.

While in my snow globe, I even witnessed Santa's workshop on Christmas Eve! The elves were so busy moving around that I couldn't get a clear shot.

T'was the view on Christmas morning.

Another view of Christmas morning.
On Christmas day, Santa's reindeer paid us a little visit.

And the children played in the snow. Okay, I played too and I absolutely LOVED rolling in the fluffy whiteness.

With snow sticking to my eyebrows and chin, I fell to the ground accepting defeat from a snowball fight with the kids, and I gazed up at the quiet sky. Snowflakes gently floating down. I soaked in winter, savoring the sensation of cold on my back while laying on the soft white powder. As the kids and I made our snow angels, I thought how blessed I am to be in the very midst of real angels, these precious children.

See how Lana makes a beautiful angel.

My winter wonderland fantasy comes to an end...to be continued...next year.


Divya said...

Beautiful, beautiful. Was just retiring after a long day and came across your blog.. thrilled to read this.. especially since it's about Vermont, my favourite place in the world. This was a treat to my eyes, especially since I missed a White winter last year...

Is this Montpelier?

Shireena said...

Hi Divya! My sister's home is near Mount Killington. Vermont is a lovely state indeed.

Thank you for stopping by and please come again.