Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bubble Bubble

Our visit to New Zealand's North Island reminded me of the power and grandeur of this earth. I can only imagine how I'll feel about the south island (next trip) after hearing dramatic descriptions of beauty that boggle the mind. Completely enamored by the north island in all it's stunningness, I feel my equilibrium that's been off kilter from city living, is back in balance.

Even amidst the incredible amount of peace you feel in this land, you can sense much bubbling activity underfoot.

As many as 48 volcanoes (I believe most are dead or dormant anyway) dot Auckland alone. Some rise quite tall and seem more like pointed "hills". From this vantage point, these volcanoes offered us magnificent 360 views on just the turn of a heel.

The locals wait for the inevitable "next eruption" which could be "anytime", they say with a nonchalant yet only slightly worried smile as if looking at the sky contemplating the time of the next rainfall.
Our good kiwi friends took us on a "tiki tour" of Auckland's highlights that would make anyone want to pack all their belongs and move to this enchanted country at once! Thanks a lot for confusing us even more than we already are, Mark. New Zealand should appoint you their prime minister of PR. 

One of my favorite beaches in the city that he took us to was this little cove called Thorne's Bay. The black volcanic pumice rocks against the contrast on the blue sea and yet another volcano in the background was striking.

We enjoyed a bit of a road trip. I just couldn't get enough of the tranquility and the natural scenery which we virtually had to ourselves.

Oh yes, the reputation stands.

We walked barefoot in the super soft black sand of this awe inspiring beach where the sea crashed into the rocks, carving out deep caves. My curious legs wanted the water to take me into deep mysterious caves where the water flowed on some unknown path.

I'm sorry but I will not share the name of this place, mind you. It's a secret.

I'll leave you with an active marvel. Well, I marvelled anyway. The boiling stinking mud pool at Waitapu in Rotorua, New Zealand was beyond wild.
It's best with the volume up.

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lovely images.

Hope you had a great time in NZ! :)

Whats the NZ souvenir?